About Us

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An energetic and forward-thinking company with a culture based on mutual respect, honesty and pride in accomplishment.

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Recognizing that natural resources are finite, Firn is committed to business practices that preserve the environment and foster sustainability.


We value our suppliers and customers and never forget the importance of maintaining strong relationships with everyone with whom we do business.

Since the company first opened for business in 1975, Firn has adhered to a core group of values and guiding principles that continue to inform all of our business dealings today:

  • - Be expert at what you do, and always seek out experts for support and help.
  • - Build solid, lasting partnerships and friendships based on trust, mutual understanding and good value.
  • - Make sure to listen first in order to find the best solutions.
  • - Solve problems, don’t create them.
  • - Be focused, but flexible.
  • - Always deliver what you promise.
  • - Be available and approachable to customers, suppliers and partners.

Our success is reflected in the large number of suppliers and customers with whom we have been doing business for close to a quarter of a century. This fruitful collaboration has allowed us to continue developing, growing, and building on our success.

At the same time, we never rest on our laurels or take our success for granted. We recognize that it is essential that we continue to offer our customers exciting new ideas and products. We have always partnered with like-minded suppliers who are at the leading edge of product development – ensuring that we are always able to supply not only the best, but also the most innovative products available.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best product at the best price, delivered when they need it. We will settle for nothing less than meeting all of those criteria in each transaction. We are able to do this not only by always finding the highest quality products available, but also by managing the entire supply chain – from initial contact, through negotiation and sale, to shipment, delivery and payment. This is our core competence.

Further, if you need help with any of the products we sell, we can provide technical support to ensure that you get exactly what you need and that you are completely satisfied.